Conservation, Accessories, Holders etc

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Conservation, Accessories, Holders etc

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Coin & Collection Boxes
For coin collectors and artefact collectors we offer a fantastic selection of suitable storage solutions, all have been specially selected for their protective qualities, ensuring that your valued collection is suitably protected. Deeper depth collection boxes are suitable for a wide range of products from thimbles to watches and even rock specimens.

Coin Accessories
Not only do we offer a wide range of storage solutions for your coin collection, but we also stock coin cleaning and conservation fluids, measuring scales and tweezers to enhance your hobby.

Coin Albums
Our range of coins albums offer a solution for every budget and taste, from our own brand 'Classic' album through to the luxurious Lindner 'Karat' album. All of the products selected are made from acid free materials to avoid damage to your treasured coins. Our range includes some of the world's leading coin albums.

Coin Capsules
Coin Capsules. We offer a fantastic array of coin capsules from 14mm up to 50mm internal diameter, available as single capsules, tens or hundreds of the same size. We also offer coins capsules with inserts, the Stuhlmuller system offers super flexibility.

Coin Holders
We offer a wide range of coin holders, in self adhesive or standard (non adhesive). Coin holders come in different diameters, select the size you need for your coin, place the coin in the centre of the coin holder, remove the adhesive backing and close, your coin is securely held in place and the coin holder can be inserted into special coin holder pages of coin boxes. The standard (non adhesive) coin holders work in the same way, except that there is no adhesive to bond the two sides of the coin holder, you can use a simple staple instead. The coin holders are made of card and can easily be written on to describe your coin. All the coin holders we offer are made of materials that are safe to store your coins in.

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