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Post by tumble »

Thornham, Norfolk

Walking behind JO :oops: :twisted: im in trouble now :shock:

Yeah and it was freezing 8)

First three hours

45 finds alltogether :!:

1 x elizabeth 1st penny
11 x shotgun shells
1 x 2" spring steel washer
13 x pieces of scrap lead
2 x pieces of crotal bell
2 x musket balls
1 x brass token
4 x buttons
1 x brass tack
1 x copper strap end
1 ali pipe
2 x foil
1 x hotrock
4 x pieces scrap brass/copper

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Post by dragonsbreath »

Two very large set aside fields on Berks/Hants border on Sunday.
Very cold and windy one or two snow showers.

13 shotgun cartridge cases

2 303 bullet cases

2 ring pulls

3 aluminium cans

2 aluminium animal ointment tubes

8 pieces of lead dross

1 large floral design lead piece with fixing lugs on back

5 small plain buttons

1 small livery button

1 brass thimble-victorian

part of georgian shoe buckle

2 george II halfpennies

1 george III farthing

1 1936 sixpence

2 pieces of copper electrical cable.

45 metallic items and several pieces of mediavel and roman tile/pottery.

Regards Paul.

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Post by ashmantle »

Stubble field, Shropshire/Staffordshire border. First 3 hours of detecting.

2 Roman Bronzes (Constantine)
1 Denarius of vespasian
4 Lead pieces
3 Roman Pottery sherds
1 Medicine tube
1 pewter button
1 !6th-17th C. Buckle fragment
1 Lead bullet
1 machine part?


Post by Blue »

Macclesfield, Cheshire. Fallow field with maize remnants.

5 .22 Long Rifle cartridge cases
16 12 bore shotgun cases
6 lead pieces
2 washers
8 ring pulls
3 pieces of foil
1 cart spring, broken
2 aluminium pieces of the tribes of Fordson, Massey and Ferguson
1 1890 sixpence
1 1947 florin
1 bad George 3 cartwheel penny, no date identifiable


Post by Steve-B »

Finds from West Sussex.
Arable field, ploughed and been settling for a couple of months.
Soil type: heavy loam,
Weather - ******* snowing, cold, miserable, overcast :-).

1. 16 x peices Oyster shell.
2. Didnt collect pottery as I have already sent representative sample to Winchester museum
3. 1 x iron thingy, ID'd as a cow chain lock
4. 1 x Cut quarter hammered (will post for ID)
5. 1 x Roman minim unidentifiable
6. 1 x Roman dupondus unidentifiable
7. 1 x CU hook Victorian/Georgian period
8. 1 x CU 'tube' 50mm long x 23mm diameter, purpose unknown
9. 1 x CU Knife knop 10mm wide
10. 2 x musket balls 1x13mm 1x28mm
11. 1 x CU plate 55x50mm 4 rivets in situ
12. 1 x CU furniture Knob 20mm dia
13. 2 x iron buckles
14. 1 x modern key
15. 1 x CU escutcheon plate
16. 1 x CU medievalbook clasp bent approx 60mm
17. 2 x lead stylus 1 whole 1 part
18. 1 x leadwieght small
19. 1 x shotgun cartridge base
20. 1 x CU screw frag
21. 1 x aluminium bottle screw top
22. 1 x CU chape, with wood insert
23. 1 x CU hinge approx 25mm
24. 14 x buttons
25. 27 lead scrap
26 2 x CU buckle frag
27. 26 x CU scrap
28. 9 x CU nails
29. 2 x CU furniture studs
30. 5 x small calibre bullet cases


Post by kennypeate »

location wiltshire
weather COLD, blustery snow showers, low cloud, ground conditions wet
no surface finds were apparent due to a blanket of snow
cropped field
1 strip of flex covered wire
1 lead pot mend
1 spoon bowl small silver
1 small horse plaque
1 small decorative plaque
3 buckle frags
7 shotgun cartridges
3 spent cartridge cases(.303)
1 small cal lead bullet
1 coper alloy ring
1 goergian grot
1 older style 10pence
1 naval cap badge
3 pewter buttons
2 brass buttons
1/2 a brass cufflink
1 round headed tack
8 medicine tubes
2 padlocks
1 ear tag
1 ring pull
4 bits lead dross
1 bit tin foil
1 alloy bit of dross

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Post by Dino - UK »

Sunday 27th feb, Parish of Stretham, Cambs. Set aside wheat stubble and re-growth.
Light sandy soil (Greensand), snow showers!
But I braved it from 11.00am to 14.00pm.

3 Roman grots, Constantine or Constans.

The tip of a Saxon small long brooch.

1 small bronze coin, not Roman or Celtic, possibly Saxon 14mm. Too thick for tin traders token.

1 Edward 3rd hammered penny London mint.

I hammered love token, unknown monarch.

1 lead spindle whorl.

7 pieces of scrap lead.

1 lead farmers token.

1 piece scrap aluminium.

3 cartridge caps.

2x 303 casings.

1 stainless steel nut and bolt.

3 pieces of small folded copper sheet.

2 overall buttons.

1 pimple type boot button.

1 horse tack rivet.

1 pice of foil from Paracetamol.

Thanks, Dino.
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Post by Bazza »

Feb 27th, Advent's Dig, North Yorkshire.
Cold weather earlier on with light snow showers, brighter and warmer later on. Finds found between 9am and 12pm.

1x top of aluminium can
2x hot rock (coal)
1x fragment of aluminium
1x piece of foil
1x remains of shotgun cartridge
4x button
1x musket ball
1x fragment of tin
4x fragment of lead
1x fragment of bracket or clamp

17 items in total. Binned everything except the musket ball.

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Post by Adri@n »

Sunday 27th, setaside near Guildford, Surrey - chalk soil - intermittent snow showers - 5 hours.

10 x shotgun cap/bullet casing
3 x iron scrap
1 x ball of foil
12 x buttons
1 x copper ring (the mystery ones that Ceejay loves)
10 x copper alloy scrap
1 x Georgian stair rod fitting
11 x lead scrap
1 x ring pull (alu)
1 x bottle cap (alu)
7 x glass fragments
3 x pottery sherds - Georgian to present
2 x lump of coke
1 x fossil sea urchin

No coins at all! :roll: :lol: The sea urchin was the best thing of the day...
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Post by Rod_Blunt »

Sunday 27 February
First 3 hours of 6 hours

8 x copper alloy unidentifiable fragments
13 x lead unidentifiable fragments
4 x buttons (18th - 20th century)
2 x pieces of foil
1 x brass woodscrew
1 x cut long-cross halfpenny
1 x cut short-cross farthing
1 x medieval clasp fastener

Total of retrieved items: 31
Total of retained items: 4 (2 cut coins, clasp fastener and a decorated 18th cent button)

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Post by StuE »

Tuesday 1st March
rough ploughed - wet and sticky hence reduced find rate!
10:30 - 13:30

1 x piece of coke
4 x sections of drink cans (always the deepest finds!!!)
1 x 4" steel square with hole in middle (even deeper!)
3 x musket balls
1 x thin chromed metal attachment
2 x buttons
2 x shotty caps
1 x pottery shard*
4 X lead fragments (always suprisingly sparse on this field)
1 x tarpaulin brass eyelet
2 x 303 bullet cases
1 x CA leather rivet
1 x piece of copper clad twisted wire
1 x clover leaf badge
1 x decorated pot leg
1 x 4inch bolt
1 x hammy!!! (lizzy threepence) very last signal 30' from car!

* don't usually pick up pottery since my collection of Samian ware turned out to be drainage pipes and modern roof tiles :oops:

Total - 28 items
Goodies - 2 (hammy and pot leg) but will also be showing pottery shard to FLO and musket/pistol balls go in the jar.
The field - nasty conditions but once the sleet had stopped it was great to be out for the first time in ages.
The field - nasty conditions but once the sleet had stopped it was great to be out for the first time in ages.
The finds (the stones and leaf top left were to remind me of the cans, large bit of iron and coke tidily placed under the hedge :) )
The finds (the stones and leaf top left were to remind me of the cans, large bit of iron and coke tidily placed under the hedge :) )
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Post by Son of the sands »

Friday 5th March, Lancashire.

Cold and wet, on a stubble field that has been done a few times during this plough cycle. Dug everything that made a noise. Explorer with Iron Mask at -12.

24 x Musket balls
6 x Shotgun cap ends
11 x Misc Lead
1 x Watch Key
1 x Pot leg
3 x Small piece of mangled HV cable
1 x Walking stick tip (brass)
2 x Cow ointment tube
9 x Misc alloys
1 x Rusty internals of pocket watch
1 x Ball of copper wire
2 x Shred of aluminium drink can
3 x Button
2 x Small washer
5 x Foil
1 x Electrical connector
2 x Spoon handle
1 x Ring pull
1 x Unidentifiable farthing (poss William/Anne/George I)
1 x Elizabeth 1st portcullis halfpenny.

= 78 signals
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Post by PhilD »

Sunday 06/03/05, Stubble field in Ryedale, N. Yorks, 3hrs, 17 finds.

See attached OziExplorer screen shot for details.

Phil. :lol:
PhilD Finds 06.03.05.gif
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Post by deepseeker »

Stamford Bridge Yorkshire

Heavily ploughed and stubble fields

8 lead fragment
3 shredded soft drink cans
1 broken 1-2nd C trumpet brooch
1 lizzy half groat
6 musket balls
1 tractor chassis plate
12 army shirt type buttons
2 worn george II halfpennies
2 mediaeval buckles
1 brass threepeny bit
6 'cow tit' tubes
1 pidgeon ring complete with leg bone

44 items total
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Post by petem »

The results of my 3 hours.
Set-aside not ploughed for four years, rough low scrub.
East Yorkshire

1x harness buckle
1x Button with stag design
2x Halpennies 1867 - 1911
1x Bronze tack
1x Furniture fitting
1x .22 case
1x Shoe clasp
1x Pewter spoon handle fragment
1x Lead disc
1x Bronze scrap
2x Iron nails
4x Scrap lead
1x Unknown copper alloy fragment.

Total 18 pieces.
test dig.jpg