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Re: Linnet44

Post by peterh »

So sorry to hear this very sad news. I hadn't met Terry, but he had quickly become one of the stalwarts of the forum. Condolences to all who knew him personally.

RIP Terry
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Amber »

so so sad........heartfelt sympathy goes out to all his family and good friends that knew him :cry:

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kev woodward
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Re: Linnet44

Post by kev woodward »

So sorry to hear about this, Terry will be missed, a true gentleman.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Leadlumps »

Linnet44 ( Terry ) To celebrate your life and times i read you thankyou.

To your family & friends my deepest warmest sympathy to you all.

c scope skid

Re: Linnet44

Post by c scope skid »

Very sad news indeed :( will miss reading his posts

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Re: Linnet44

Post by skunkypaul »

ill miss terry :(

he was a good lad.he made me giggle a few times with his antics :lol:
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Re: Linnet44

Post by hoarder »

just caught this thread and i can`t believe it.

like the others i never actually met the little guy but somehow felt i knew him through his postings ?

my condolences to all concerned,a sad loss :cry:


Re: Linnet44

Post by ideyboy »

i never met terry only read his posts , seemed like one of the good guys .
condolences to family and friends , rip terry

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warwick wolf
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Re: Linnet44

Post by warwick wolf »

tragic news to hear of the death of a fellow detectorist
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Barron Fields
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Barron Fields »

Terry was in the process of arranging a day out detecting for a few of the local members of this site before his illness took hold so i never got chance to meet the guy...Exchanged a few PMs though and he came across as sound as a pound...Sincere condolences to those that did know him. Sounded like the kind of bloke that will of left you with a few memories to smile about.
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Celtic Stutter

Re: Linnet44

Post by Celtic Stutter »

As many have said, I never met him, but after reading many of his posts i too feel like i knew him & it is indeed bloody sad, i just hope it was quick & pain free, preferably involving a bevvy of beauties & too much alcohol! (At least thats the way i want to go out!)!
Damn shame! :cry:

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Re: Linnet44

Post by deepseeker »

I too was never fortunate enough to meet Terry, but as already stated he came across as an honest sincere fella with a wicked sense of humour, he will be missed but not forgotten. Deepest Sympathies

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Wolftrax82 »

Very sad news. :(

Never met him but he was always one of the first to reply on here to my posts.

My Sympathies to family and friends.


Re: Linnet44

Post by leethedig »

So sorry to hear this news. He'll be extremely missed on the forum :(

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Donnydave »

Linnet44 (Terry) was not his name? the coroner told me today he was called James. He lived on his own but his neighbours loved him to bits. His family I believe was you guys on this forum, he would sulk if no one answered his posts, but not for long. He got great pleasure from getting permission from the farmers to take newbies or anybody out detecting. I liked the little guy from the moment I first shook his hand, but it was not so long ago, not long enough in my opinion, I never thought he would pass on so soon after meeting him, I feel sad and robbed of a great friendship, but at least I had that short time to spend with him doing what we all love doing ,going detecting.He will be so chuffed with all the tributes he has recieved from you guys. Thanks