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Re: Linnet44

Post by stubby »

Enjoyed reading his posts, would have liked to meet the bloke.

Its been a shock!



Re: Linnet44

Post by cleanrite »

I also,was never fortunate enough to meet Terry,although we did on the ukdetector net
he was highly respected,deepest sympathy to his friends and family
his finds,his posts were interesting and educational.
sadly missed

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Jacobiteken »

Gutted!! He was always there to help with my posts R.I.P. Terry :(





Re: Linnet44

Post by mugwamp »

Dave, I was absolutely stunned to read your post this evening... I knew that Terry had not been well of late but had no idea it was to be this serious. My thoughts are with you, as I know you spent many hours together in the fields, and to any members of his family that may have survived him. He will be sadly missed.

It's once in a blue moon that a guy like Terry happens along. Big-hearted, a warm and friendly guy who would have invited half the members of this forum on to his fields if his farmers would have allowed it. Always one of the first to welcome newbies to this forum, totally committed to detecting and with a good acquired knowledge of the hobby, was always more than willing to offer advice whenever or wherever it was requested. He was a real gent and I consider myself very fortunate to have known him and will treasure the memory of my trips out with him and the lads. Terry and I shared a similar past in that we were both in the RAF having started as Boy Entrant telegraphists back in our teens and in later years were stationed at the same RAF camp at the same time although not knowing each other in those days.

R.I.P. Terry

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simon c
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Re: Linnet44

Post by simon c »

Sad news RIP Terry.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by coenwolf »

so sorry to read this ,it was only a couple of weeks ago i was chatting to him on the phone about his t2 ,sincere condolences to his family and friends
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Re: Linnet44

Post by DirtyHarry »

Sad News :( R.I.P

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Re: Linnet44

Post by chopz54 »

Sorry to hear about TB, although I never ever met him he was always ready to help ( he sorted me a coil out ) and will be sadly missed.

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Re: Linnet44

Post by AndyK »

A very sad occasion for all. My condolences to his family and all that knew him.


Re: Linnet44

Post by thomas1950 »

Sad news indeed, my sincere condolences to his family

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Andy UK »

I will miss his posts, lovely chap.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Tracker »

Awful news


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Re: Linnet44

Post by Sukisal »

I have only just caught this.
I sit here with tears in my eyes.
A familiar name on here to me, although I never met Terry.
Just so so sad, and I will join all the others in saying I will miss his friendly, helpful presence on this forum.
I just hope somehow Terry can see all the messages on here, and where ever he is he can still be doing what he seemed to love so much...detecting.
R.I.P Linnet44 - Terry

mark kent

Re: Linnet44

Post by mark kent »

daft question but is it possable we could have a whip around for a wreath or is it to late.


Re: Linnet44

Post by Rayredditch »

I only new him fro postings, and the occasional PM, but like I said before, I will miss him, and I think agreat many others too. May he have lot´s of magnificent finds in the detecting heaven (I hope it exists), and that he knows haw many people are thinking of him. No one is dead so long as they are alive in someone´s memory(True imortality).
May God go with you :beer