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Re: Linnet44

Post by jamesdfx »


I am so sorry for your loss of a great detecting buddy, I did not know terry, linnet44 and by going threw these replys on this forum he had a lot of pals and one big family. what you should remember dave and forum members that detected with him, he will be there with you everytime you go detecting, watching you, and making sure you dont find all those hammies by yourself's.

Dave, terry, linnet44 will be missed on the forums by all...

god bless, and rest in peace terry, linnet44 where ever you are detecting.....


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Re: Linnet44

Post by Donnydave »

mark kent wrote:daft question but is it possable we could have a whip around for a wreath or is it to late.
Nice of you to suggest that, I suppose that would have to be up to the Administrators, but it is not too late I am waiting for a call from the coroners office to inform me of the date of the service because I would like to attend. If they find no family it will probably just be a service?


Re: Linnet44

Post by trafman »


My thoughts to Terry's family and to you for losing a great detecting friend. I only recently started posting any quantity of submissions on this Forum, but Linnet was often courteous in his replies and came across as a true gent. I will not have the pleasure of meeting Terry in person but hope in his next life the fields are full of Staters and hammered gold.

Best wishes


If you do open a paypal account or similar for a wreath then I am sure I and many more would happily put a few pennies in to a fund, hopefully the administrators can let you do that but aware there are issues and rules they have to abide by

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Re: Linnet44

Post by nealblath »

blimey............what tragic news!

I only knew Terry on the forum but I enjoyed having some banter with him and almost felt I knew him as his wit was similar to my own!

A great loss to the forum...........very sad!
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Re: Linnet44

Post by hooverman »

Can't believe it, a total shock !

Please pass on my sincerest condolences to his family and to yourself dave.

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Re: Linnet44

Post by swiftnick »

sorry to hear the sad news i only knew him from his posts like a lot of others,but i feel like ive lost a mate.r.i.p.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by firesmudge »

Sad news I chatted briefly with him as nearly bought a second machine from him on here, nice honest guy sympathy to his family & friends


Re: Linnet44

Post by Leeolitina »

Very sad news - condolences to family and friends.


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Re: Linnet44

Post by mooseas »

Sad news indeed, he'll be sorely missed. RIP Terry
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Re: Linnet44

Post by chubbyhcfc »

So sorry to hear sad news, RIP Terry :(

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Re: Linnet44

Post by monkeybean »

Very sad news , one of the good ones.

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Re: Linnet44

Post by ossie »

i too only knew linnet from this site but feel that i knew him personally.

top man.


Re: Linnet44

Post by chaphog »

iam gutted, you will be missed by all . you might have been small but you were massive on here. sleep tight mate :cry:

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Cyber-Leader »

Always sad to hear of the loss of one of our own. May the detecting gods look after him now. :(
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Re: Linnet44

Post by colin39 »

Its hard to say How shocked I am, never thought opening this post would leave me like this,
A sad day, he will be missed.