Illuminated Manuscripts

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Illuminated Manuscripts

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I found this website whilst I was carrying out some more research into medieval mace heads, and it prompted me to wonder whether other people use [glow=red]illuminated manuscripts [/glow] (see what i did there... 8) ) to see if they can spot any of their finds contained within the pages. ... e.htm#11th

Illuminated manuscripts are a great tool to see what objects were worn and used at certain times in history. Objects such as chapes, strap ends, bells and weaponry are the most commonly illustrated objects, however I've been able to find a few rarer objects, such as mace heads for example.

There are many more manuscripts online, and even if you aren't looking into finds, they are a fascinating read.

Here is a lovely mace from the 13th century Anjou Legendarium, depicting a scene from the legend of Saint Ladislas.


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