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Website & podcast

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History of England is a website that hosts supporting information to the weekly podcast. The website has interesting information on it anyway but is part of his podcast, so worth listening too as well reading the historical notes on the website. ... posts.html

In a typically off the wall English way, this guy (David Crowther) broadcasts a History of England episode a week from his garden shed. Starting in Dec 2010, with episode 1, the Arrival of the House of Wessex an to date he is on episode 180 (around 1470) and he is planning to go through to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. As far as I can gather he is not a professional historian, just an interested amateur with a gift for portraying and explaining the nuances of our history.

I only discovered this a couple of months ago and have greedily listened to the downloaded podcasts on my phone on the way into work, currently on episode 139. Hope you enjoy them too.

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