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Post by StuE »

You may be up north Petem but that's a very familiar set of finds you've got there :)
Found any lead bag seals? Email a piccy to me for inclusion on The Bag Seal Gallery Image Gallery :: Lead Cloth & Bag Seals
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Post by petem »

I think your right Stu, we only ever post the good stuff for ID, but for most of us it's a normal days find's.
When i first started i was scared to post find's having seen all the Brooches & Hammies that apeared.
This thread will at least show the newby's it aint all treasure. :lol:


Post by anonymous »

Results of my 3 hours detecting,market weighton area,very sunny but extremly cold.
The soil was almost pure sand,glacial I think ,in places it looked just like a beach,looked like sugar beet was grown there going by the off cutts.

5 shot gun cartridge ends,
5 pieces of brass shrapnel,
2 brass bolts,one large one small,
1cm thin square brass plate with engraved letter M,
5 shoddy buttons,
2 iron washers (iffy signals but dug anyway) ,
1 small brassy pen end ,finial type piece,
1 .22 airgun pellet,
2 pieces of foil,
1 pot rim ,
3 hot rocks,
1 oval name plate ,approx 2 and a half inches across x 2 " high,
1 piece of scrap brass 1 1/2 " x 1".

Total 30 finds.

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kevmars research

Post by Garfield »

Finds for Sunday 13th March
2 60mmiron rings
1 bit iron bar
1 bit lead srcap
1 copper overall botton
1 copper ferel from paint brush
1piece of toy gun
1brass plate from a thermometer
part of a copper spoon
1piece of copper with holes in
1 12mm bullet
1copper manufacturing plate
1piece of foil
1lead cell from a battery
1shot gun cartridge end cap
1george III penny 1798/9


Finds Sun 13

Post by rider »

North East Durham [freezing]
Set bye field
1 Iron axe head
2 Small ferous object like a spoon
3 On left three bits off same design i think pewter or laten
4 Nine lead bits
5 Six coins two Geo others just rubish
7 Silvery item do not know what it is, looks Victorian
8 May be bit off a spoon
9 A lot more lead and iron bits and pieces.
Sun 13 05.jpg

nigel nicholson

Post by nigel nicholson »

My finds from a Kent apple orchard 13/3/05

2 x lead pistol balls
1 x dupondius Hadrian
1 x pound coin
1 x penny 1910
3 x halfpennies 18?? 1924 1915
2 x farthings 1918 ????
1 x solid silver button
39 x copper alloy buttons
7 x bits of silver paper
2 x curtain wieghts
1 x coat hanger goergian
12 x bits of lead unidentifiable
1 x lead figure rideing a horse
15 x bits of unidentifiable copper alloy bits
6 x bag seals
1 x buckles 1 1250-1400 no 28 on CJs buckles page
1 x modern buckle
1 x lead loom weight

Total of 6hrs


Post by Daniel »

Survey is going well.
Good idea for doing this Kev.

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Post by peterh »

Sunday 13th March. Drying out pasture (ploughed last year) in Vale of Glamorgan near Barry. 29 metallic finds in 3 hours:

6 x pieces of shredded aluminium can
1 x aluminium tube
1 x piece of ringpull
2 x ointment tubes
2 x bottle tops
2 x pieces of scrap lead
2 x pieces of shrapnel
3 x scrap modern copper alloy
1 x copper alloy wire
1 x copper alloy button
1 x piece of leather with two copper alloy rivets (modern)
1 x .303 cartridge
1 x small bit off farm machinery
2 x copper alloy button halves
1 x 1794 Dublin halfpenny token
1 x 1863 halfpenny
1 x 1921 halfpenny
Finds survey.JPG
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Post by Funkygoblin »

46+ Finds on Rough Ploughed Farm Land in Three Hours.

1 x Pewter Button
1 x Medieval Strap End
8 x Nails (Assorted Lengths and Ages)
3 x Large Bolts (Assorted Sizes and Metals)
1 x Toy Tractor
1 x Small Copper Plate
1 x Timber Dog
1 x Light Bulb Socket
1 x Screw-on Bottle Top
2 x Ring Pulls
1 x Small Piece of Lead Pipe
1 x Hydraulic Fitting
1 x Piece of Curved Iron Plate
1 x Wheel off a Piece of Furniture
9 x Aluminium Cans
1 x Wheel Brace
12 x Unknown Items (Assorted Metals)
Several Dozen Pieces of Car Engine.

(not a good day!)

nigel nicholson

Post by nigel nicholson »

Thursday 17/3/05 2hrs tecting

Brand new site, farm house dates back to 1480 they have 2 fields about 5 acres in all, grass but ploughed every few years.

1 x Goerge III 1806 penny
1 x victoria penny 18??
1 x farthing william III 169?
1 x farthing unidentifiable
2 x 18th century buttons
3 x modern buttons
7 x unidentifiable lumps of lead
2 x knitting niddles
4 x shot gun cartridge ends
1 x canvas ring
1 x big iron nail
1 x copper tag 4" long
6 x unidentifiable copper alloy bits
coins left with the owner as requested.


Post by Badger »

Sorry.... first time I popped in here..... this is so bloody amazing.... I will be here for hours!!!


maybe I am easily pleased.... but this is really interesting


nigel nicholson

Post by nigel nicholson »

18/3/05 Finds from my new fields 1 ½ hrs tecting

1x half crown George III 1819
1x shilling George III 1816
1 x sixpence George III 1817
1 x George III penny 1806
2 x Edward VII penny 19?? 1910
1 x loom weight
1 x draw handle Georgian/Victorian
1 x copper alloy tube
1 x coat hook Georgian?
2 x spent shotgun cartridge cases
5 x assorted buttons
1 x canvas ring
1 x copper alloy plate
4 x unidentifiable bits of lead
5 x unidentifiable bits of copper alloy thin sheet

Good day for silver.
coins 086.jpg

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Post by mr miagee »

3 Hours of searching on rough ploughed field, broken clay soil revealed the following spectacular :roll: mixed bag

Nails (assorted sizes) 6
Ring pulls 3
Bottle tops 2
Screw on bottle caps 1 (still with broken glass attached!)
Foil 4
Drinks Cans 3
Assorted Iron scrap 5
lead pot mends 2
Unidentified alloy scrap 7
pewter buttons 2
Medieval buckle with plate still attached 1
alloy strap end (broken) 1
Modern coins 2
Pieces of coke 3
copper alloy canvas eyelet 1
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Post by Dino - UK »

Badger wrote:Sorry.... first time I popped in here..... this is so bloody amazing.... I will be here for hours!!!


maybe I am easily pleased.... but this is really interesting

I can't wait to see the final tally of all the hunts.
Mind you, the finds are more or less as expected. I hope the results get put to good use, to qwell the myth of "treasure hunting".
Me? I'm perfectly a chip on both shoulders!

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Post by Blue »

Badger wrote:Sorry.... first time I popped in here..... this is so bloody amazing.... I will be here for hours!!!


maybe I am easily pleased.... but this is really interesting

Please Badger, 3 hours of finds only ! :)