booty laden wreck found

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booty laden wreck found

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After excavating the area, archaeologists uncovered what they think might be one of the most significant shipwrecks ever found.

Though they are unable to unequivocally prove it, evidence suggests the vessel is The Bom Jesus (The Good Jesus), a Portuguese ship on its way to India that never made its way beyond the Southern Atlantic.

Loaded with thousands of mint condition, pure gold coins from Spain and Portugal, historians dated the ship to between 1525 and 1538.

Cargo on the vessel, including a chest filled with coins, matches that on The Bom Jesus, as detailed in a rare 16th-century book ‘Memorias Das Armadas,’ which lists the vessel as lost.

Mr Noli added: “We figured out the ship came in, it hit a rock and it leaned over.

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