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Post by Donnydave »


I have some very sad news my good detecting buddy Terry (linnet44) passed away after a short illness on Tuesday.

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Baldric »

That really has upset me, I hope he did not suffer. My feelings go out to his family and friends. RIP my friend.
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Corinne Mills

Re: Linnet44

Post by Corinne Mills »

What a shock - so sorry to hear this donnydave

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Re: Linnet44

Post by cleveroonie »

Sorry to here that mate - thats really bad news

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Karv »

My thoughts and sympathies go out to Terry's family and to you Donnydave.

We spend hours of our time looking for viking, saxon and roman, all were peoples who believed that there is another life after this one, I trust Terry will get to his swiftly.


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Re: Linnet44

Post by PhilD »

Really sad news Dave, loved his posts and willingness to get involved on here and will really miss him.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Groat Grabber »

Sad, sad news Dave. Thoughts are with you and all concerned.
He will be missed.R.I.P.
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Re: Linnet44

Post by History Hunter »

Please give my condolences to his family........ he will be sadly missed but not forgotten. If you ever need to talk about him Dave we'll always always be here for you.

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Re: Linnet44

Post by aelius »

Can I just add my condolences too. Only knew him through this forum but he came across as a lovely and generous man always willing to share his knowledge and fields. Bye Terry.


Re: Linnet44

Post by trys »

Very sad news :( . R.I.P


Re: Linnet44

Post by anonymous »

A shock that and very sad ,
I don't know what else to say...........

allan ashford
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Re: Linnet44

Post by allan ashford »

Big Shock -always funny in his posts - pass on condolences to his family :(

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Re: Linnet44

Post by Cod fangler »

Speechless :(
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Durham Dave »

a sad loss :( .....a keen detectorist and a good forum member, i liked his posts 8)
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Re: Linnet44

Post by Dandelion »

I`m so very sorry Dave..

I echo the above posts.

Dreadful news............
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