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 Post subject: UKDN Stated Aims & AUP
PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 5:58 pm 
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UKDN's Stated Aims

Preamble: UKDN is a forum for people who are interested in the hobby of metal detecting. UKDN is an online community where members can exchange and share knowledge, their views, discuss the hobby, their finds, the machines they use and a million and one other detecting related subjects.

UKDN actively works towards the following aims:

1. Develop a greater understanding of the hobby and some of the wider issues through healthy pro-active debate within the forum and through the monthly magazine, which is distributed to, and read by, our membership and beyond. The magazine includes UKDN based news and articles, as well as wider news, debate, and issues of heritage interest.

2. Provide a platform to inform beginners in the hobby of the basic principles in the use of a metal detector, gaining permission, site research, basic heritage law, farming scheme rules and in the 'best practise' for conservation, recording and co-operation.

3. Actively promotes the 'Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting' to all members of the UKDN online forum and beyond.

4. Encourage all UKDN detectorist’s to record their finds with the appropriate bodies (depending where they detect); In England and Wales, this is with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, in Scotland this is the Treasure Trove Unit.

5. UKDN will actively work towards ensuring the future security of the hobby. We will liaise and co-operate with heritage professionals in a way which is mutually beneficial to all parties whilst maintaining our independence, and we encourage their active participation, either in the UKDN online community or through our on-line magazine.


By Participating in UKDN you are agreeing to The Code Of Conduct that sets out the guidelines for our being here. If you do not agree with the Code Of Conduct Then you should not participate on this Forum. As a member of this forum it is assumed that you will act as an ambassador for the hobby and will support and uphold the principles of responsible metal detecting. In addition, you will promote those ideals whenever possible and will never do or say anything that will harm or bring the UKDN (and thus the hobby) into disrepute.

The Preamble
UKDN is not a club, nor is it a social club. UKDN is a privately owned resource that is operated by a team of volunteers for the mutual benefit of its contributors. UKDN is a place where we come to increase our collective knowledge of metal detecting, whilst hopefully having some fun on the way.

1. Introduction
2. Your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to UKDN
3. Why have House Rules?
4. The Rules
5. Warnings

1. Introduction
Any grouping of individuals with a common purpose, interest or background is held together by the enthusiasm of the many and the dedication of the few. In this sense, on-line communities are no different from their real world counterparts.

UKDN has some very special characteristics, which lend themselves to an on-line community. Contributors are drawn together by a common purpose: Metal detecting. Whatever the motivation the underlying driver is the opportunity to give to and benefit from the experience of others.

2. Your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to UKDN
As a contributor you are part of the UKDN community. Similarly to clubs, the main principles of association are defined by the organisers - in this case the Admin Staff - and the Forum is run and managed for its contributors - you.
Members of UKDN are only allowed ONE USER-NAME, if you are found to have more than one you may leave yourself open to deletion from the site.
Using other peoples usernames to access the site is not permissible and may lead to instant deletion from UKDN if discovered.

UKDN and its community is distinguished by these guiding principles, which define your rights and responsibilities:
-You own your own details.
- You own your own words.
"You own your own details" means that, through your profile, you can add or remove your personal details at any time and these changes are automatically captured on the database used for communication between you and UKDN.
"You own your own words" means that you are directly responsible and liable for everything you choose to publish in the discussions, including third-party copyrighted material, and that you own the copyright and retain the moral rights in what you create and publish.

3. Why have House Rules?
There are in-built rules for acceptable behaviour in all of us. On-line communities are no exception to these rules - however, because the natural visual and auditory clues are missing, we need to be more aware of how our written words might be understood by others.

Our House Rules are here to support us and remind us of the most appropriate ways to engage with our fellow contributors. The aim is to protect anyone who reads or contributes to the community and to help everyone have a fun and rewarding time. They are our rules that any one of us can contribute to and enhance.

When you engage with the community you are implicitly accepting these House Rules, and any on-going amendments, as part of UKDN?s Terms & Conditions.

4. The Rules
Please read this to understand what defines acceptable behaviour in our discussions. Monitoring behaviour can be carried out by any contributor by using the "Report Post" Blue button. The Admin Staff and Moderators will, in most cases, discuss the matter and will respond with an agreed resolution to the issue raised.

As a contributor to the UKDN community and user of its forums you agree to:

- Not shout at other contributors by posting in all capital letters
- Take care with humour that might work verbally, but seems censorious and mean when translated to words on a screen.
- Present opinions and positions in a tactful and moderate fashion
- Please do not goad people by using language designed to inflame

- Be nice to each other! Do not abuse or call others names
- Exchange ideas in a civil and measured manner and to avoid "flames" (angry, mean-spirited posts)
- Assume goodwill and hold fire on the assumption that most misunderstandings arise from the text-based format of the discussion rather than from negative intent on the part of others
- Practise good posting manners and refrain from dominating conversations with endless sequential posts and self-gratifying boasting

- Your post should be constructive
- To avoid misunderstandings "txt spk" should be avoided. Please try to ensure your post is legible and easily understood.
- Posts that are deemed irrelevant are subject to removal. To avoid this, please ensure that your post is appropriate to UKDN.
- Do Not post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity (including spamming, IE: posting the same or similar picture or message in many discussions), advertising, buying, selling, donating or soliciting (except in the designated classifieds area). Classified adverts not related in some way to metal detecting will be removed.
- Do Not post anything unlawful - for example, sending or posting material that is indecent, racist or defamatory or harassing and threatening
- Do Not post anything intended to disrupt or vandalise the service
- Do Not post any personal details of others, known both in and outside the community
- Ensure that your contribution to any post is relevant to the thread being discussed
- Do Not post any third-party material that infringes any legal rights - for example, copyright or other proprietary rights
- Do Not post private email, private messages or any other private material anywhere on the Forum unless it is using the PM facility
- Should you leave UKDN your posts will be retained on the forum as well as your name on those posts. This is to ensure continuity within threads where the removal of posts would totally disrupt the flow of a thread.
- The advertising of and posting links of other detecting forums is prohibited, and where a member is found to have done so then the relevant post shall be removed without explaination. Persistent flouting of the rules shall result in a yellow card.

Notices, Newsletters, Letters and Problems:
As a matter of courtesy, members are asked that if they wish to post any of the above from outside UKDN that they first approach admin for permission prior to posting. Any articles posted without this courtesy may be removed.
- Please note that any post deemed malicious toward another Forum will be deleted. If you have something negative to say about another Forum then please post it on there and not on UKDN

- Accept responsibility for all material that you publish on the Forum
- Accept responsibility for a discussion you have started
- Always acknowledge (when possible) the name of the source of any third-party material legitimately quoted or referred to
- Do not quote any contributor who specifically requests not to be quoted
- Do not intentionally misquote another contributor or UKDN staff
- Do not falsely represent yourself

UKDN & Copyright

UKDN reserve the right to any of it's own written or photographed material/s in any form being used without our express permission prior to any possible use. It is therefore against our AUP to copy and paste any information without prior consent as per the Law on copyright within the UK and the European Union. Please contact a member of the Admin Team for any further clarification on this matter.

Adult Section
We have an Adult User group on UKDN, but this section is hidden and you must apply to join. Only those who have posted at least 10 times, being a member of the forum for at least two months and are over the age of 18 will be accepted.

You are encouraged to use a 'signature' in your posts, but please ensure that it is manageable and does not take up a lot of bandwidth.
Banner adverts as signatures may be used, but we remind you that it is the normal Internet practise that you add the UKDN banner to the web site being advertised. Failure to comply with this reciprocal arrangement may mean that your banner could be removed.
The signature should not be used to advertise metal detecting finds for sale or for purchase.

UKDN and the use of PM's and email adresses

The PM (Personal Message) system on the UKDN is a feature allowing members to contact each other privately for the passing of information and conversing 'off board', however there are a few exceptions to this.

1. The PM system and member email addresses are not to be used for abusive or threatening behaviour.

2. The PM system and member email addresses are not to be used either individually or en mass to distribute information, services, products, businesses or malicious rumour. Neither to distributute information or to court support from members for any organisation, petition, event, or campaign, other than those first approved by UKDN admin.

The only exceptions to this is during the course of buying or selling of items advertised in the Retail - For sale section, or if a member has requested contact from a dealer for example.

If anyone on the site here is approached by anyone soliciting the buying or selling of goods or services without your permission can you please contact a member of Admin?

If anyone is using either pm's or email's in breech of the above conditions (or variations of)then please do not, it is against our AUP.

- Report any transgressions to the UKDN Staff by using the "Report Post" blue button at the top of the appropriate post
- If another Forum member annoys you and you do not wish to view their posts, then use the 'ignore button'. That's what it is for!

Use of images
- Images over 60kb are not allowed and you will be unable to post any that are above this size, any picture imported from other sites that are over sized will be removed with out warning by staff.
- It is recommended that you optimise images for the web. Use jpeg's.

Use of Avatars
- Avatars should be no larger than 98kb in file size
- Avatars should be 96 pixels wide and 96 pixels high

Admin Staff and Moderators
- Please remember that these people give up their free time to help you
- They reserve the right to amend, move, lock or delete posts where they deem it necessary to do so
- Deletion of a post is a last resort.
- The Admin Staff aim to advise you why they have moved, amended or deleted your post. This may not be possible during busy periods or when Admin are pressed for time.
- We are all adults, so please treat us as such. We are here to help you and that is much easier to achieve when everyone is polite and civil to one another.
- Any threat (Veiled or other-wise) made to any team member will result in deletion from UKDN.

Sometimes it is necessary to issue warnings to people who have transgressed the AUP and it works like this:

The phpbb system allows Admin staff to issue warnings and for a user to be banned after THREE warnings have been issued.

Users who do not treat the Admin and Moderators with due respect will be warned or banned from the forum. We must respect those who give up their time for the sake of UKDN.

When a post is considered to have gone beyond what is acceptable it may be instantly deleted and the poster suspended until the matter is resolved, If the poster fails to respond in a reasonable manner then Admin will take appropriate action. This action could be giving the user a warning or warnings, or banning them for up to three months, or removing them from the forum completely. If the latter course is taken then the user-name and the ISP address of a person who has been banned will be entered into the system so that it can never be used again.

Warnings will usually only be removed if and when the contributor has posted sensibly for a period of one month.

If THREE consecutive warnings are given then the poster may be given anything from a one to three month ban or permanently banned from using the Forum if the issue is considered severe enough.

When and if anyone is banned, then a public notice may be placed (but not always!) on the Forum with the reasons given for the ban.

Please Note
If users wish to question or comment upon the decisions or actions the Admin or moderators of the forum, they may do so only via the private messaging facility. Any such matters posted on the forum will be removed immediately, and the poster(s) will be liable to sanctions up to and including termination of their registration.

Finds identification
Where an identification of an item (coin or artefact) is made, be it from a Finds Adviser or any other member of the forum then that identification is not permitted to be used for the purpose of selling the item in question. If a forum member is found to be breaking this rule then a yellow card will be issued and will stand for 1 calendar month commencing from the date that Admin are aware of the offence. Whilst the yellow card is in place the forum member is not permitted to enter ANY finds into the coin/artefact of the month competitions. If that forum member is found to be breaking this rule for a second time then a red card will be issued which will result in a 3 month ban from the forum.
Members of the team reserve the right to not identify any finds for forum members who have been proven to be breaking this rule.

Finds and their Valuations
UKDN does not participate in the valuation or selling of Artefact's and Coin's, such matters are the concern of any written or verbal agreement between the Land Owner and the Finder. Any values or valuations placed on finds within the forum, or any other media pertaining to UKDN, will be deleted, and where possible the person/poster notified.

For Sale Section
- Any dealer advert in the FOR SALE section is not allowed and will be removed.
- The For Sale section has a £1000.00 limit, however some detectors now cost considerably more, any detector posted for sale with a value over £1000 will only be approved after being carefully considered by Admin. Please refrain from posting any none Metal Detector Ads with a value over £1000.
- No individual may exceed selling more than 4 detectors per year on UKDN (Jan-Dec).
- Only UKDN members may use the For Sale section, no third party adverts will be allowed.
- UKDN Reserves the right to remove any item from the 'For Sale' section without prior notice when deemed warranted by UKDN staff.
- The advertising of goods that still have outstanding finance is strictly prohibited.
- The selling of and the placing of wanted ads for metal detecting finds is not permitted.
- Advertising of livestock is not allowed.

Selling in the Classified Adverts section of UKDN
We have placed a limit of allowing each member to advertise a total of four metal detectors each year i.e. from Jan ? December. It will not matter if the machine does not sell, the limit will be on the number of detectors placed in the Classified section. Members will also be allowed to sell further items in the Detectors & General sections to what can be described as a reasonable amount. We are positive that this limit of 4 detectors will suit most metal detector users. There will be no charge for any such sales. UKDN offer it as a service to its members.

UKDN does not wish to discourage part-time dealerships or entrepreneurs. If anyone on the forum wishes to sell more than the suggested items then we ask that you contact admin. We will ask you to create a web page with your list of goods on it, and we will place a link to that page in the Dealers and Shops section of UKDN. You will benefit from the 600-700 people that come onto UKDN every day. We ask that you will pay a fixed annual fee for this privilege, and in doing so supporting the site. You will be able to sell all you like through this method.

UKDN reserves the right to not identify any coin or artefact of any member who uses any 'finds' information posted by the UKDN Team or members from this site to any third party (Auction site or Dealer) where a find is being sold for profit.

UKDN does not allow any detected finds for sale being linked to the eBay section, any link placed in this section will be removed if the staff feel it is in controvention of this policy.

External Links
UKDN is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked web sites or files and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Links should not be taken as endorsement of any kind. It is always wise for members to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet.
Please read our legal disclaimer

Rallies, Digs and other Events not approved or organised by UKDN
UKDN take no responsibility for Rallies, Digs or other Events organised by a third party or forum member and advertised on our pages. If there is a dispute or a problem, then you must take it up with the organiser. UKDN is not responsible for the actions of the members of this forum when attending any such events.

Rallies on Foreign Soil
By its very nature UKDN is concerned with all aspects of UK detecting and within the current legal framework as we understand it, thus we cannot confidently support any organised event outside the UK. Furthermore we have an obligation to our site and its members and cannot be seen to be promoting detecting anywhere where we have no clear understanding of the legislation and the laws of that country.
Any Topic or Post promoting a dig or Rally outside the UK will be deleted from the Forum and the originator of the post informed.

Metal Detecting outside Mainland Britain
The owners and administrators of UKDN welcome anyone to apply for membership and post on the forum. We are aware, however, that there are members detecting in countries where the regulations and legislation surrounding metal detecting are different to those in mainland Britain. At UKDN, we do not condone any detecting without all the correct procedures being followed and correct permissions being obtained. This is particularly relevant to both Northern Ireland and Eire where the regulations are complex and the penalties for detecting without permission severe. We ask all members who are detecting outside mainland Britain and especially in Ireland to confirm that all the correct procedures are being followed and correct permissions have been obtained if posting about their detecting there on the UKDN forum.

- This AUP may be changed at any time without prior notice.
- The decision of the UKDN Administration, in all matters, is final.

The guidelines and rules listed in our AUP are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behaviour. Forum moderators shall have full discretion to address and deal with any inappropriate behaviour in a manner they feel is 'right' and 'correct' in the circumstances. Comments posted on the Forum may at our discretion be removed, whether in breach of the rules or not, without further explanation or notice to you. We stress that access to UKDN is a ?privilege,? and not a ?right', and we reserve the right to suspend your access at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by our guidelines.

In essence . . . Admin reserve the right to amend, move, lock or delete posts when they deem it necessary to do so.

We also reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. The action we take may be more lenient or more severe than those listed under the AUP.

This was written by the Admin Team of UKDN. 2004-2012

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