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Re: More to it than meets the eye

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Deetektor wrote:Just be aware that the pinpoint centre, isn't in the middle of the coil on the 250.
It's about three inches forward.


now I find out.

I've had my 250 for a few days and I've been waiting for the rain to stop so I could go out and 'play' on the lawn.
Yes I know I could have put a plastic bag or something over the control box, but
I didn't want the neighbours thinking I had completely lost my marbles

Today was the big day.
Chucked a few different coins down to see what they sounded like. I thought about burying them to make it more realistic
but being a tight git I was scared I might not be able to find my quid coin again.

A couple of minutes practice was all I needed.. There's nothing to this, a three year old could master it I thought.

Two hours later the back lawn is doing a good impression of the Somme
All I've found is that the bloody detector bleeps

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