Time to dive in.

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Time to dive in.

Post by AdyBee »

Hi all,
I've just about got the hang of my AT Pro. I need more practice in the PRO mode but feel confident in STD mode. My lawn has holes in it and the allotment yeilded a diecast toy car and a lump of lead but served well for practicing.
Due to the amount of junk iron in the allotment I've settled on Custom mode with Iron Disc set to 40 and the first 2 notches above that eliminated. Max sensitivity. The Iron Audio button does get a hammering though.
Pinpointing is doing my head in.
So I'm going to be knocking on farmers' and Vicars' doors soon 8)
A workmate knows the people who might give permission in 3 villages that have all sorts of history going way back.
I'm also going to get in touch with the Phoenix MDC.

It's all exciting stuff :superhappy:


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