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First contact

Post by AdyBee »

I knocked on a farmer's door today. A bit nerve racking as it was my first.

A nice bloke he was. He said his farm had signed up to some government scheme where by he receives money from the government for protecting the countryside, or his bit of it at least. Unfortunately this scheme prohibits the use of metal detectors on his land.

He did take my phone number as he was going to check with his brother who runs the farm to see if they were definitely still signed up to the scheme. I'm not holding my breath for the phone call though.


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Re: First contact

Post by popsandme »

dont take it personally pal, we have all been there. brush yourself down and move on to the next permission hunt dont be put off from knocking on doors, at least you didnt get a 12 bore pointed at you by some monster raving looney lolololol
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Re: First contact

Post by Old Git John »

As Pops said, don't take it to heart, he may get back to you, but just keep trying. Your face to face
approach is still the best way of obtaining permissions, farmer/landowners like to see the whites of your
eyes, so they can weigh you up. A personal visit tends to build trust more that e-mails, 'phone calls
or letters. Wish you the very best of luck, the land will soon be there for you.
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