Identifying Your Finds

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Identifying Your Finds

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ID'ing your finds
ID'ing your own finds is for many one of the most satisfying aspects of the hobby, it results in a wide appreciation of history and archaeology.

First a word of warning, in an attempt to ID finds some people make the mistake of cleaning the find to see it better in a manner that might permanently damage it or severely reduce it's value, so please read the section on cleaning and conservation before attempting to clean your finds.

Artefacts and Coins - UKDN Please ID my finds section
Many members post images of their finds in this section and have lots of fun having a go at ID'ing other peoples finds too. We have some superb finds advisors and normally you will get a very quick and accurate ID; ... .php?f=157

There are various professional bodies that can help ID your find or you can have a go at finding a matching item on their database;

Artefacts and Coins - The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)
The PAS has a number of Finds Liaison Officers (FLO's) distributed throughout England and Wales who ID and record on their database around 50,000 MD's finds each year. They are mainly concerned with artefacts or coins over 300 years old but would give advice on younger items and conservation matters.

The PAS FLO's are often based at the County Museum;

Database; ... liclogin=1

Database Images; ... expand=200 (type brooch, ring etc in filter box and click on filter)

Artefacts and Coins - The UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD)
The UKDFD will ID and record your find in their database;


Database Images; ... ll&ppuser=

Celtic and Early Medieval Coins; ... &sk=t&sd=a

Other Useful Websites are;
UKDN - Artefacts and Coins - Useful Websites A to Z;

UKDN - Short & Long Cross Coinage; ... &sk=t&sd=a;

Coins of the UK;

Dirty Old Coins (for Roman & Byzantine Coins)

Recommended Books and Catalogues; ... =d&start=0
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