UKDN Stated Aims

A place for the newcomer to find useful information thus
helping them to make a good start in the hobby. Beginners can ask questions
and get replies from more experienced members.
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UKDN Stated Aims

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UKDN's Stated Aims

Preamble: UKDN is a forum for people who are interested in the hobby of metal detecting. UKDN is an online community where members can exchange and share knowledge, their views, discuss the hobby, their finds, the machines they use and a million and one other detecting related subjects.

UKDN actively works towards the following aims:

1. Develop a greater understanding of the hobby and some of the wider issues through healthy pro-active debate within the forum and through the monthly magazine, which is distributed to, and read by, our membership and beyond. The magazine includes UKDN based news and articles, as well as wider news, debate, and issues of heritage interest.

2. Provide a platform to inform beginners in the hobby of the basic principles in the use of a metal detector, gaining permission, site research, basic heritage law, farming scheme rules and in the 'best practise' for conservation, recording and co-operation.

3. Actively promotes the 'Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting' to all members of the UKDN online forum and beyond.

4. Encourage all UKDN detectorist’s to record their finds with the appropriate bodies (depending where they detect); In England and Wales, this is with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, in Scotland this is the Treasure Trove Unit.

5. UKDN will actively work towards ensuring the future security of the hobby. We will liaise and co-operate with heritage professionals in a way which is mutually beneficial to all parties whilst maintaining our independence, and we encourage their active participation, either in the UKDN online community or through our on-line magazine.

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