Cable waste

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Son of the sands
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Cable waste

Post by Son of the sands »

One of our farms does have a green waste issue, but before he covered it in the recycled junk there were a few fields where we dug some chopped up cable. He reckons it was from some horse bedding he got from a local stables a few years ago. I went on one of the fields today and dug this lot. It gives variable signals depending on thickness and shape but most of it comes out in hammered territory. Most annoying.
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Re: Cable waste

Post by lee greagsbey »

Hi Sots,
I feel your pain buddy :g48: my friend has a farm that he has permission to let some friends on. That also has a lot of chopped up cable and it gives a cracking signal (I thought it was green waste but like you it'should really loads of chopped up cable). Funny enough it's also a great permission for hammered coins, but to be honest we haven't been there for a while. But as it's a pasture site so it may be visited now the seeding is well under way....
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Re: Cable waste

Post by flipperbrownsnout »

the site sots mentioned probably brought up well over a 100 hammies over the years for us......, its produced bronze age axes, gold medieval rings, gold medieval brooches, Viking artifacts, roman silvers etc.....................its now a nogo area for me its that bad. Sots still braves it every now and again....shame really

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Re: Cable waste

Post by jcmaloney »

On the positive side if the farmer has stopped using said stuff then every bit you take away is "cleaning up" the site. Based on those finds I would take the pain!!

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Re: Cable waste

Post by Hectorsfarm_ »

..I have a couple of fields that I think could be productive, but they have so much 'lead cable' !? I don't know if it is some old form of cable, but it's definitely wire encased in lead 'piping' - and soooo much of it chopped up all over the field?

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Re: Cable waste

Post by Obby »


Sounds like you need a clean up crew to give it a good going over. Bit of a challenge for a club maybe ???

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