Hammered coins

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Re: Hammered coins

Post by mark kent »

nellythefish wrote:An interesting question would be how many cut halfs or quarters are being found.... :?: :?: :?: I have found six cut halfs and one cut quarter this year :) :) Iam glad you brought that up :clap :clap How many cut coins do you find in a year :?: :?: :?:

1 since september which is where my year starts ,however its also my first.not sure if its a broke cut half or a cut quater saying that


Re: Hammered coins

Post by MickyV »

nellythefish wrote:Hi all what would you call a good year for hammered coins 8) 8) Iam haveing my best year i have found 31 :) :) I know theres a lot of you out there that has found a lot more :?: :?: GIVE US A CLUE PLEASE Thank you
hi all, me and my wife started this great hobby about 6months ago, imanaged to walk over a late henry V111 groat and my wife found a lizzy 6pence two weeks ago,we are both very pleased and over the moon,fantastic hobby, we been to 1 rally so far and can't wait for the next one . :) :)