chinese tea pot found in garage clear out

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chinese tea pot found in garage clear out

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This vintage Chinese 'Teapot' found in a garage cleanup is worth Rs 1 Crore
Updated: Sep 12, 2020, 14:01 IST ... 057573.cms
If you believe in destiny and miracle, you will surely connect with this real life story, when a man in the UK recently found a vintage Chinese ‘Teapot’, during garage cleanup at the time of Coronavirus lockdown.
The UK man was dusting up in a Midlands garage when he found the imperial possession and was clueless of the real worth.

In a tweet, the Hanson Auctions UK has mentioned that the 18th-century Beijing-enamelled flask which resembles a teapot is worth tens of thousands and is also estimated that the 15cm piece of art is a priceless possession.

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